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Poggio Imperiale

Via Roma 9
Poggio Imperiale, 71010 (FG)

tel: 0882994095

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In 1987 I started my own small butchery business for retail meat sales. The success of carefully prepared products, in particular fresh sausage, met the favor of the clientele, so much so that I became passionate about the transformation of the pig. Curious and resourceful, I treasured the advice of the elderly in the country, from whom I learned many recipes and the art of maturing. Encouraged by my family and by the favorable judgment of consumers, I have committed myself to broadening the range of products and to perfecting flavors, working also the remaining parts of the pork such as bacon, capocollo, fillet and ham. Salumifico Salcuno is now an artisan workshop where the transformation of the pig takes place with the same care of the past: the taste and the quality of the products contain all the flavor of the Pugliese tradition. For the future, my projects involve the care of the entire production chain, starting with the breeding of pigs up to the finished product.